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Too many Nevadans know what it’s like to shut down a business due to high taxes & over-bearing government regulations. Nevadans deserve legislation that will improve and not shackle their well-being. The unceasing rate of unemployment and home foreclosures in Nevada is overwhelming and unacceptable, and will remain chronic so long as government makes it its business to stifle rather than encourage those wishing to do business in the State of Nevada. Government that is intrusive and burdensome is counterproductive to creating a business friendly environment that encourages existing businesses to expand and new companies to move here. It's time once and for all to allow Nevadans to be exposed to an environment that spreads economic opportunities and expands free enterprise that embraces an atmosphere where businesses can thrive and families can prosper. Legislators need to focus more time on passing legislation that will  that will increase government efficiency, reduce the taxpayer's burden, nurture the creation of real jobs, spur valid economic growth, and attract new companies while enticing existing businesses to grow and flourish.


A flourishing one-size-fits-all federal approach to education is non-existent. Local control of our educational system is desirable over federal control. Taxpayers deserve transparency and accountability at every stage of schooling so the parent can exercise prudence to decide which path is best regarding the education of their child. Dynamic energy for revitalizing our educational system is created when parents are permitted a wider spectrum of choices in education such as charter schools, homeschooling, open enrollment requests, college lab schools, virtual schools, career & technical education programs, vouchers, and tax credits. These choices are especially critical for those families with children trapped in poor-performing schools.

Land Management
The Federal Government possesses 83% of our land in Nevada, higher than any other state. The ability to acquire federal land for economic development requires a diverse series of bureaucratic verdicts or an act of Congress before we can tap into our own resources for economic development, and we must be vigilant against federal measures that work against our ability to economically benefit from Nevada’s agriculture, grazing, mining, and recreational industries. We must also be mindful of any direction of local policy that would jeopardize the current economic viability of any industry here at home, such as our mining industry; our rural economy relies on mining to create and sustain good jobs, and this industry will suffer from the uncertainty that is created when its viability is threatened. Ninety-six percent of the world’s gold mines are outside of Nevada, and we must do our part to encourage rather than discourage exploration companies from investing in the Silver State. Besides gold, Nevada resources includes silver, gypsum, diatomite, lime, clay, copper and more, giving us greater potential for additional direct and indirect jobs that Nevada needs now.
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